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March 1, 2010

Where To Get Resell Rights Products

Before you can start making money with resell rights products, you first need to get your hands on some good ones!
You can find tons of resell rights products on almost any topic using any or all of the following methods:

1) Ebay- You can find thousands upon thousands of resell rights products at Ebay for $1 or $2. In fact, I've been able to find dozens on Ebay in just about every conceivable niche including travel, babies, music, entertainment, weddings, pets, cars, and many others. In contrast, a standard web search for these kinds of resell rights products will frequently yield few, if any results.

Not surprisingly, most of the resell rights products offered on Ebay are in the Internet Marketing niche mainly because these kind of products have the greatest demand.

Just remember, you get what you pay for!

2) Membership Sites- For a monthly fee of about $27-$97 a month you can join a resell rights membership site and download dozens of relatively new resell rights products.

Membership sites are great because someone basically does all the work of locating quality products for you, all you have to do is download them.

If you are interested in joining a membership site, I highly reccommend  Resell Rights Fortune.

Socrates offers you a Free video on how to use Resell Rights and eBay to build your list. This is before you even get to sign up page and there is no cost at all - just pure content you can really use!

More good sources for resell rights products can be found  HERE.

3) Newsletter Subscriptions- Many newsletters owner, particularly those in the IM niche, will frequently offer resell rights products to their subscriber base often times at no cost.

You can find thousands of newsletters to subscribe to by searching the following the directories:

There are a million others out there. You should really try to join at least 20 of the newsletters you are interested in. Just don’t spend all your time reading them as fun and interesting as they may be!

Note: I don't suggest subscribing to these newsletters with your main email address. Instead, create a 'throwaway' email address at Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail and use that. Using a 'throwaway' email address prevents your main email address from being spammed relentlessly with junk emails. This is exactly what will happen when you subscribe to this many newsletters. Sorry : = )

Remember too that just because an resell rights product has been in circulation for a while doesn't necessarily mean you can't make money with it. An RRP may have been in circulation for years and seen by millions of prospects. However, the internet is huge and there are millions more people who will have not seen this particular product and to them it will be like new.

Before acquiring a circulated resell rights product, ask yourself these two questions:

1) Is there a reasonably sized and attractive market for this product?

2) Are the marketing materials and related graphics convincing and of high quality?
In my experience, the easiest kind of RRP's to market online are those geared towards the personal finance and money making markets. It's not rocket science to figure out why these markets are so attractive and lucrative. Money is extremely important and the vast majority of people will gladly pay for a product that either shows them how to make more money, save more money, or increase the buying power of their current money.

Below is a list of more specific niches within the personal finance and money making markets:

• Internet Marketing (anything related to making money on the Internet)
• Real Estate Investing
• Home Business Ideas
• Forex Trading (trading foreign currencies)
• Securities Investing (stocks, bonds, etc.)
• Home Loan/Mortgage Refinance
• Student Loan Consolidation
• Credit Repair
• Poker/Gambling

This isn't to say that there are not other equally lucrative markets for resell rights products. As I said before, you can find resell rights products in every niche you can think of.

In my experience though, the markets listed above are the easiest to find RRP's, as well as the easiest to penetrate and make money in especially if your internet marketing skills are minimal.


If you haven't already done so create a folder somewhere on your computer called “My Resell Rights Products” (or whatever you would like to call it) and start filling it with as many RRP's as you can. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any hot off the presses RRP's by checking newsletters and your inbox as these will be your biggest and quickest money makers.

Personalize Your Sales Page

The first thing you are going to want to do to your sales page is personalize it so that it is not a carbon copy of every other sales letter for that product. Some resellers go as far as to rewrite the sales letter completely so that it is totally unique. This is only advisable if the original sales copy was never very good to begin with, in which case you probably shouldn’t have bought the material anyway.

When I say personalize the material I mean you need to add a little more spunk to the original sales letter. By far the best way to do this is by adding either an audio or video element to the sales letter. Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and CamStudio - http://camstudio.org/ will allow you to create either an audio or video clip and add it to your website even if you have no technical experience. Even better, they are free!

The Perfect RRP

The perfect RRP meets all of the following criteria:

1. It is brand new and largely uncirculated.

2. Comes equipped with Master Resell Rights or even Private Label Rights.

3. Has excellent graphics, marketing materials, and an excellent sales letter.

4. The actual product is of very high quality and offers the buyer real value

5. The seller includes within the marketing materials a squeeze page, an autoresponder series, an OTO (one-time-offer) page, and/or a prerecorded audio and video clip for the main sales page.

6. If it is an information product, the seller offers at least partial rebranding of the material so you can earn back-end revenue after the initial sale is complete.

If you were given the power to click a button today and almost instantly find a product in *ANY* niche that you can sell as your own, that would obviously be HUGE right?

That is precisely what this new site does for you.

It's actually the largest, SEARCHABLE database of resell rights & private label rights products on the planet!

It is called  Resell Rights Fortune

Here is a small sample of the things Resell Rights Fortune will give you immediately:

- Get your own product in seconds

- Never pay for another product, ever

(All the new products are bought for you)

- Make more profits faster

- Build a huge targeted list easily

Obviously this resource is going to give you a significant edge over the competition. It is like having access to all Resell Rights Products ever created or that will be created in the future.

To get all the Details go to:  Resell Rights Fortune

The kind of resell rights products listed above are rare and typically don't come around very often.  But they do come around and when they do you need to snatch them up immediately. If you can purchase the 'perfect' RRP the day it launches, then you can very likely earn several thousand dollars in just a few weeks!

As I mentioned earlier in this report, here are the ways to locate 'perfect' RRP's:

1. Check on eBay - you can sell your products there too! Check  HERE

2. Hang out in forums frequently and browse the Special Offers section. Check out my article on  Forums

3. Sign up for dozens of newsletters and hope that some day one of them alerts you when a new RRP is for sale.

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