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February 10, 2010

Using Forums For Traffic

A forum is basically an online discussion group, focused around one niche. The members of a forum can make posts and discuss everything related to their niche, ask and answer questions, and even private message each other. A forum is like a blog for the people!

A Forum is a website which provides a platform for users with a common interest in a specific subject to exchange their opinions about this subject, to share experiences, to seek and find help and support or to find new, like minded friends or business partners. There will hardly be a subject for which there is no Internet forum.

The usual Forum procedure is that a user either has to say or ask something new or he takes up an already existing communication and adds to it. In the first case he posts his statement/question with a relevant subject line and other users can post a reply. There can also be replies to a reply.

The sum of original post and all replies to this post is called a thread. Threads are archived under their original subject line, are organized into categories and can be accessed by Forum users from the summary page.

Visitors coming to your site from forums are worth 2 to 6 times the average visitor. Why? Forum visitors are proactive information seekers, community-minded participants, and engaged users. They do more everything. Why? Someone coming from a forum is already interested in self-education and connecting with like-minded people. They’ve already sampled some of your writing, since they followed a link associated with something you said on the forum. They are saying, “tell me more!”

Over time forums create a very tight community. Everyone learns the rules and looks out for each other...

That's the first thing... Read the rules. Different forums approach how you display links differently or even what you can talk about...

The other thing is don't come in gang busters!! Don't try to prove yourself and get to excited about showing everyone your knowledge etc....

Get to know the community first. Hang out for a while. Introduce yourself politely... Usually there is a separate area set aside for intros... And then start browsing.

Get to know the other posters... Remember a lot of these people have known each other for a while. They may even be doing business behind the scenes...

Once you have a feel for it, start helping out.

If you have any knowledge to contribute, provide it... Help people with things you know about.

Learn... Read... Learn... Read some more... Ask questions...

Then let it rip if you want to.

The bottom line is very few people can go crazy right off the bat... There is an exception here or there, but usually the community wants to see you contribute for a while before you get bold. They need to get to know you. Although a lot of forums do offer a free advertising section.

Definitely don't provide a sales pitch in your first post... You will getting flaming posts and anger the community. Everyone will see it as spam.

It's just like building any relationship. Easy at first until you get to know each other.

Forums are powerful things. Don't abuse that power. And don't ruin your reputation...

The key however is NOT to sell, but to participate in discussions, and generally be as helpful as you can.

If you’re not already using forums to boost traffic to your resell rights products, then try it today. Sign up to forums relating to the niche you’re operating in, have a signature link to your website (check that it’s allowed first), and get stuck in to discussions. Be genuinely helpful and make posts that subtly suggest you know what you’re talking about (because you DO - and don’t let anyone say otherwise - an expert is merely someone who knows more than the person they are giving advice to.)

If you are reading the Forum and a user has asked a question that you can help with, give as full and complete an answer as possible. If you have something on your site that could help with the problem recommend it and provide a link.

Of course submitting your links to forums is probably the most time consuming form of traffic generation there is even though it is very beneficial.

Forum Etiquette: Maximising Your Success

These things will help increase your reputation in the forums you join, which will prevent people from ignoring your posts and arguing with you. Use all of these tips to get the most out of your forum promotion.

•Profile Information - Fill out all your profile information, this includes avatar, bio and linking to your Squidoo lenses where possible (at the very least always in signature).

•General Posting - "I agree, lol" is not a valid post. Keep your posts interesting, funny and avoid using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (see, its annoying).

•Read The Rules - Of course you don't want to get banned, most forums have the same rules these days, but a quick read of the rules never hurts.

•Avoid Flame Wars - Don't argue with people on forums, no matter who they are, from time to time your going to run into people just looking for a fight. These people are promptly banned, no need to damage your reputation.

•Respect The Admin - Goes without saying, its their forum so respect them and their rules. Also includes moderators and members with high reputation in the forums.

•Lurk The Forum - Don't jump straight into the forum, you may as well be on a suicide mission. Take time to study the forum, who are the top members? What kind of discussion do they focus on? What are the most popular topics?

•Don't Hijack Threads & Stay On-Topic - I see this everyday and it's a one way ticket to losing respect. Don't hijack someone's thread and ask your own questions (unless it continues and adds to the same discussion), start your OWN thread! Also make sure all your posts are related to the original post.

•Be Active- Post regularly, depending on the amount of time you have free. I currently participate in 15 forums. Some I check everyday, some once a week. Make an effort to make a certain number of posts every visit.

•Keep Track - Make sure you check back on all the threads you posted in, in case somebody asks you something. There are email notifications that can do this, depending on the forum. Also make sure to post in recent discussion, if its a week old, leave it.

•Pictures - Don't post pictures in massive resolutions that take ages to load, your safest option whenever you include pictures is to use the link to the image, not the image itself.

Forum  Signatures

5 sample signatures you can use in forums  to get traffic to your sales letter. You can use them as they are or edit them as you see fit! Make them relevant to your resell rights product.

Signature #1
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Signature #2
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Signature #3
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Signature #4
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Signature #5
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How to Do Powerful Forum Marketing

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