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March 25, 2010

Blog For Traffic to Your Resell Rights Product

Customer interaction is one of the single most important areas that you can make lasting connections, and the easiest way to interact with customers for your resell rights products, or potential customers is by one of several means.

You can use your mailing list, your blog, forums of your own, commenting on other blogs or interacting on other forums.

We are going to concentrate on blogging in this article.

It’s incredible to see how much blogging has taken off in the last six years – weblogs were once the providence of only geeks, and are now the premiere business tool, for traffic, for relationship building – and for keeping in touch with your customers.

Blogging for Traffic

Blogging for traffic is a great and easy way to deal with the rigors of creating a steady stream of traffic back to your resell rights products.

The easiest way to blog for traffic, of course, is to blog in your niche and include regular links back to your site, or post reprint articles directly to your blog – that way, you're getting 'double play' from the content you're distributing. While this is, of course, a common way to use articles and other content, it’s important to add to this content, and make sure that your content is all relevant. You can then use these blogs as link exchanges, and more.

Most blogs are primarily designed to provide content for people to read – the “stickiness” of blogs offers you alternative avenues for traffic generation, and another place to post and work, promote and produce content and information about your RRPs from.

If you read my article about Squidoo, Hubpages and Blogger.com,  I am not talking about your blog on Blogger.com. I’m talking about your own blog hosted on your own site. I can hear you now going oh no! she said I only had to upload a sales page, a download page and a thank you page!”

Relax…..it’s really easy and you have everything you need already right there on your site. You’re going to set up a Wordpress Blog from your cPanel on your hosting account. It takes about 5 minutes. You did get good hosting with a cPanel like I told you….right?

Creating and working on your blog really is easy and I find it to be a lot of fun. There are so many themes, widgets, plug-ins and tools that it just boggles the mind!

Always use your blog wisely and make sure to point to your sales page for your resell rights product. Blogs are a vital link in the traffic funnel you are trying to create to your RRPs. Remember, if you read my other articles, then you know you can’t send traffic directly to your sales page from an article or from the social networks such as Squidoo, etc.

Commenting on Blogs

If you're not interested in creating your own blog, (which you should be for traffic generation to you resell rights products) you can still comment on other people's blogs, within your niche, and only in the case of blogs, related niches that would, conceivably, need information in your niche.

Finding blogs that are in your niche, like forums, is as easy as goggling for them but instead of using Google's main search, use http://blogsearch.google.com/

Commenting is easy to do – find the blog, find something that you can elaborate on or add to a conversation and do so. And that's the cardinal rule of posting comments – make sure it adds to the conversation on the post – as each post is a conversation, and interrupting or rudely adding to it is just like rudely butting into a conversation in real life.

You should only ever include links within the body of your comment IF you have reason to – such as for reference – always remember though, that you can add your own site in link back from the comment, as most blogging systems allow you to specify your name, and URL at the very least.

Once you've found them, you'll be able to see what people are doing, and see if there's room for you – even if there's a blog covering exactly the same thing as you though, consider still following through and creating a blog.

Blogging is an amazing opportunity for most website owners – mainly because website owners can comment on blogs in their niche, and niches that relate to their sites. This 'relation' to your niche is an important – blogging is about the only area where you can comment in related niches without looking like a spammer. You can, of course, generate traffic in related niches, in other ways, but blogging is easy to generate traffic.

Blogs in their own right, add to the value of websites, and can generate traffic, but commenting on blogs is a quick and easy way to generate back links, and more traffic for your sites, and give you more 'expertise' standing. It’s important to understand HOW to comment on someone's blog though, or get labeled as a spammer.

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