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January 26, 2010

Using eBay to Sell Resell Rights Products

You can use eBay as a way of selling your resell rights products, but also as a way to grow your list. You are no longer allowed to sell digital download products from the auction listing on Ebay but you certainly can in the classified section. There are a few advantages to selling from the classified section on eBay, the major one being – NO SELLER FEES! They charge a flat fee of $10.00 a month to list your products. Secondly, there is no seller/buyer rating in the classified section which, depending on how you use eBay, you may consider a disadvantage. I personally, do not.

You can also use your “about me” page on eBay to build your mailing list. You can link to any of your websites from there and make extra money from those as well. I am going to give you a link to an ebook offered by a young man named Jim Cockrum. Jim is considered the "Guru" of eBay and if you want to go that route (which I highly recommend) you need to consider his training. His ebook, called "The Silent Sales Machine" is the #1 selling book about making money on eBay for the last six years and he constantly revamps it to keep up with ebays changes. Just click on the graphic below to get more information.

Just remember, a lot of ordinary resellers sell on eBay, often at cheap prices. Don’t join them. Think your profit strategy though before you make a single sale. You think about the long term of your resale rights business and you know it does no-one any good to sell products at highly devalued prices.

The trick to selling on eBay is to create a unique selling position – you can harness the incredible power of eBay to your advantage when selling resell rights. Many resell rights careers actually started on eBay and I’m going to share with you something that I have used with a LOT of success for selling on eBay. You can add several hundred dollars a month to your overall resell rights profits just by using eBay and this powerful little method.

Let’s talk a little about perceived value with Resell Rights. Resell Rights are an increasingly competitive market – more and more resellers are entering the arena, selling the same products to the same potential customers. What are you going to do to create perceived value when you’re selling the exact same product as everyone else? It’s simple – add exclusive bonuses to your offer so that your prospect immediately sits up and takes notice. Let me be honest with you –a lot of people purchase resell rights to sell a product, but honestly don’t know how, or don’t use very effective marketing techniques. In fact, 90% of the people who hold the same resell rights that you hold are doing it wrong.
Here’s the top two things that resellers must do to create perceived value and boost their sales.

First, differentiate from the crowd – create a “unique selling point” that is not available anywhere else. Instead of just uploading your resell rights products as soon as you purchase, why not add to the offer by throwing in some alluring bonuses? What other resell rights products do you have that will “compliment” your featured product. You may have several ebooks on the same topic or that would go together nicely. If you’ve been online for some time you probably have a library of resell rights products that you can offer.

Make your package more attractive than other people’s. You typically will not have the right to change the product, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the offer. Use other products as bonuses, as long as you have the right to give those products away. Beef up your package, and you will pull ahead of the competition quickly.

The second thing you can do to add perceived value is tweak the sales page a bit. Some resell rights products have questionable sales copy and graphics (even if the product is great). This is wonderful news for you – get in there and make it better. Change your sales letter. Don’t use the same sales letter that other resellers are using. Make yours unique.

I assume you read your resale rights products before selling…right? So what benefits most impressed you about the product? What about the format and graphics of the product – can you create “instant perceived value” by improving these? These adjustments should take no more than a day, yet the positive benefits will be clearly seen through increased sales of your resell rights product. Try it, you may just surprise yourself!

Hopefully you now understand the importance of creating a high level of perceived value in the minds of your customers and prospects. When you think about it, we live in the internet age where online information is available everywhere – much of it free. What’s the difference between your prospect choosing between your product, a competitors product or free info? Perceived value of course.

This may sound a little odd to some people, but you can actually sell MORE in the long run if you raise your prices. Remember how we talked about sellers practically giving away resell rights products on eBay? Do you think they command much respect in the market? Do you think they even make any significant profits on their products? Of course not. A lot of the time a customer will look at a cheap product, and even if it is good they will not buy it (or even consider it) as the price tag screams “garbage”!

You see, a higher price is associated with higher quality. Now I am not suggesting that you get a product that’s being sold for 99cents on eBay and charge $97 for it. No – you have to really offer genuine value to your customers and present them with something exclusive. The point is, if you come up with an exclusive product try charging a higher price for it – the higher price will actually get your sales letter to be read by your prospects (whereas a cheaper product lacks that “I must have it” appeal that more expensive ones have).

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