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February 17, 2010

More on Article marketing

Have you noticed the number of article directories that have cropped up in recent times? Is there a reason for this? You bet there is – because all over the world, in every niche you can imagine, ezine publishers, ebook authors, website owners etc are all searching for fresh content that they can publish for free.

Here is a list of the top 10 directories - there are probably 2000 or more total!

  1. ezinearticles.com                                 
  2. articlesbase.com
  3. buzzle.com
  4. goarticles.com
  5. helium.com
  6. articlesnatch.com
  7. articledashboard.com
  8. articlealley.com
  9. selfgrowth.com/articles.html
10. ideamarketers.com

So why should you let go of your valuable content for free? Because when you write an article and send it out to various directories and ezine publishers, it will begin to circulate around the internet. Think about it – your article containing your resource box and sales page will ultimately be seen by thousands (maybe even several thousands) of people.

Of course it can be daunting to write out an article – it must be well crafted and have a high informational content. While different article directories have their own length rules it’s usually a good idea to keep your articles in the 500 to 750 word mark. When writing your articles, remember that it will be a showcase for your resale rights product. As such you really need to deliver the same level of high quality that is inside the product you’re trying to sell.

When writing out your articles keep the following in mind:

• Think of your article as you would your sales page – make sure you have an attention grabbing header and keep the paragraphs short, interesting and easy to read.

• This should go without saying but ensure that your article contains no grammar or spelling mistakes. These mistakes can crush your credibility.

• Keep the resource box hype-free. Try and entice your viewer to your website without making it seem like a blatant advert.

• Create a plan for your article when you’re writing – what will you include? How will you start and end the article? How many words do you want to write?

Once you’re finished writing your article you should submit it to as many relevant directories and newsgroups as possible. Remember however that you should only submit articles to places where they are wanted – posting an article on weight loss to an internet marketing site is a waste of that site moderators time as well as your own. Search for “article directories” in Google and you will find an endless supply.

Now, here you are, you have a website, you have the URL, and you have an article which is going to promote that website. What do you do? You go to every single article directory found in the search engines, log in, subscribe, wait for them to send you an invitation to welcome you into their midst, and then submit your article. Then you go to the next article directory upon your list, and begin with the same procedure again to infinity and beyond! yawn!

But just imagine of any procedure in which you can just submit an article to one place and have it distributed automatically to hundreds of article directories, at one time. Unbelievable is not it? Well, that where Unique Article Wizard comes in.

This tool is slowly getting lots of popularity as a medium to distribute your articles all over the Internet, without you going through the find article directory — submit articles runaround.

You can find more information about article marketing in my other article  HERE

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