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April 22, 2010

Make Your Resell Rights Business Successful

Success in business, especially in the resale rights game, comes down to one factor: Uniqueness!

If you want your marketing, and your business, to be successful, you have to be different!

To be successful in business and marketing, you have to set yourself apart!

You have to stand out in the crowd. You have to get noticed!

And you can’t accomplish that by doing what everyone else is doing.

It’s really a “mindset” that you have to adopt. A mindset that states…“I don’t care how saturated the market ‘appears’ to be, I can still stick out of the crowd and differentiate myself.

All I have to do is put a little thought into it.”

While most people will look at the competition and give up, the real entrepreneurs will laugh at it and think, "I will beat them easily" and then find ways to do just that. If everybody else is selling the same product, offer your customers more for their money!

More value, added incentives, whatever else you can give them to make the product more appealing to them.
Add a valuable bonus that no one else is giving! (Say, a hot report or two that you wrote yourself, perhaps? ;-)

It’s always better if the bonus you’re giving is not being given by anyone else. Just create your own unique reports! (Even if they’re just 1 to 5 pages in length. It’s the quality that matters, not quantity.)

Most people get lazy and just keep cutting the price. If “price” is your only differentiating factor, someone will always undercut you. And that’s just bad for everyone involved. Including the customer, because she will attach less value to the product if she only had to pay a few bucks for it. It’s just a bad way to do business.

Offering a great price is one thing. Ruining the value of the product by selling it for pennies on the dollar is just bad business. A better strategy is to keep the price competitive but offer more value (instead of cutting the price too much.)

Do that and they’ll buy from you.

And… if they’ve already purchased from someone else, they may get upset about your 'better deal' for a bit.
But guess what… the next time they think of buying a product, they’ll check YOUR offer first. Because you showed them that you offer more for their money then the other resellers.

Here’s something interesting…

If you take 100 resale rights holders of any product, you’ll find that in most cases (if not all) only 3 to 5% of those individuals are doing well with the product. The rest of them are either doing okay, or very poorly, or they're just not selling the product at all! (Strange, but true!)

Think about that for a minute…

That means, you’re not competing with 100 resellers anymore (as most people may have quickly “assumed.”) Your real competition consists of only 3 to 5 people out of those 100 resellers!! That’s it!!

Keep in mind that this is in fact a business. You’re not selling other people’s products. You’re building a business that happens to involves selling other people’s products.

Take it seriously.

And give it the attention, energy and respect that a real business deserves, because it is a real business. Don't treat it like a hobby or spare time activity. Fortunes are being made by people using resale rights and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of those people.

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