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February 9, 2010

Resell Rights Are Awesome!

To put it as plain and simple as possible, resell rights are AWESOME! They are one of the best things to ever happen to internet marketing and thousands of people have made a fortune or at least a good living from resell rights. Resell Rights come in many forms such as eBooks, software, videos and tutorials. Not just in the Internet Marketing niche either, but on almost any subject you can think of.

There are two basic ways to make money with resell rights:

You can either buy resell rights to someone else’s product which will give you the right to sell it and keep 100% of the profits.

Or, you can sell resell rights to other people who want to have rights to sell a product and keep 100% of the profits.

So what’s so awesome about that?

•You don’t have to create your own product, write your own sales letter or hire a graphic designer to do your graphics. Those things are usually taken care for you after you buy the resell rights to a product.
•You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make. This is better than being an affiliate because affiliates get paid a commission, or only part of every sale they make.
•Buying resell rights to someone else’s product is the absolute fastest way to start your very own online business (you can be up and running in under 24 hours)
•You can buy as many resell rights as you want and set up as many businesses as you like, all with lightning speed! Can you imagine going from zero online businesses to 20 in a day? Well it’s quite possible if you buy resell rights!
Basically, buying resell rights allows a person to start their own online business in under a day...in fact, it can take as little as an hour! But that is just one of the many reasons resell rights are so awesome.

I’ve covered making money by buying resell rights, but what about selling them?

Believe it or not, selling resell rights can be even more profitable than buying them! Here’s why... First of all, because resell rights are the absolute easiest and fastest way to start an online business, A LOT of people are buying resell rights. In fact, most people that buy resell rights usually buy resell rights to more than one product. And why not?

Instead of buying resale rights to just one product and setting up one online business, why not buy a whole bunch and set up a lot of businesses? And that is exactly what a lot of people that buy resell rights do. Ok, so resell rights are HOT and a lot of people are looking to buy them. So that’s another reason resell rights are so great.

Here are a few more:

No need to create your own product!
This process has been done for you by the original product author. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time, effort and money researching on the topic and demand, and creating the product, which you might or might not have the expertise to do so. Thus, you only have to set up your Internet Business using the Reseller Materials Pack provided by the product author and market your Internet Business.

You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make
This probably the second biggest benefit of being a reseller, as a reseller, you get to keep all the money from every up-front sale made without having to share any royalty fees whatsoever with the original product creator.

You can use, and in some cases modify all the sales material that has been created for you
With all of the work of writing your sales letter, follow-up letters and advertisements, you have saved a lot of time on your part. Therefore, you just need to set up your Internet Business.

Earn residual income
The product with Resale Rights that you sell can be customized with your own affiliate links, allowing you an opportunity to earn back-end income from the same customers.

But of course, there are also some minor negatives to becoming a reseller, here they are:

You have to invest some money to become a reseller.

Since the reward is getting to keep all the profits from up-front sales of the product, you will have to spend some money. However, this should not be a problem as most products have a money back guarantee policy and if you don’t get to at least cover your investment within the period of time, you could ask for a refund.

You have to pay customization fees to if you want the product rebranded with your own affiliate links.

If you so choose to do this, customization fees can be costly on the part of the reseller.

You could be competing with many other resellers who are selling the same product.

The likelihood of this happening is high. Although the Internet receives an average of 11.6 million new Internet Users a month, so your product will always be new to someone but product saturation can happen. The key is to make your offer unique. Also, if violation of the product’s Resale Rights terms and conditions by dishonest Resellers, such as undercutting the price of the product, your Resell Rights business can be affected.

You will need to have your own web hosting and domain name.

This can result in paying monthly fees if you do not have your own domain name and web hosting yet.

It can be difficult to find a quality Resell Rights product.

You need to look at the quality aspect of the information product when sourcing for products with Resell Rights as well as whether or not there is a demand for the product. You can find links to some of the best resources for quality Resell Rights products  HERE  on this website!

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